ESW v. Roku: No Trial Today

Quick FYI: For anyone wondering, there will be no trial proceedings today in ESW v. Roku, due to an illness in chambers. (Nothing serious, as far as we’re aware.) We’ll keep you posted.

As for yesterday, for the time being we’ll direct you to coverage from Michelle Casady at Law360: Texas Jury Told Roku Infringed Interactive TV Patents (no subscription required, given COVID-related content).

Beyond that good summary of openings, yesterday’s proceedings moved quickly: Two different ESW fact witnesses, deposition designations, and the first portion of the testimony of ESW’s infringement expert Dr. Shamos. Dr. Shamos, given unspecified travel restrictions, notably testified by Zoom. That’s the first time of which we’re aware that such a significant witness has testified remotely in Judge Albright’s trial courtroom—but we noticed no technical hiccups during the portion of his appearance that we were able to observe.

We’ll bring you some more thoughts of our own later this week.