Howdy and Welcome to the Western District of Texas Patent Blog

Welcome to the Western District of Texas Patent Blog, a blog by Mark Siegmund and Joe Abraham. You can learn about us at

Why does this blog exist? To put things into perspective: before Judge Albright took in the bench 2018, there were only two patent cases filed in the Waco Division—ever. Now, as of this post, Judge Albright has 472 patent cases filed in 2020 alone, more than the entire District of Delaware. Needless to say, Waco has become an important hot-spot for patent litigation, and it looks to remain so for the foreseeable future.

Our blog is designed to be a forum for patent litigators and others interested in patent law to access valuable insights about the Waco Division, significant orders from Judge Albright’s chambers, practice tips for those who may appear in the Waco Division, and coverage of other newsworthy developments out of Judge Alan D Albright’s courthouse. And though Waco will be our primary focus, we also intend to provide some contextual perspective regarding developments in other portions of the legal landscape.

Mark and Joe like to think we bring an important mix of perspectives—Waco vs. Austin, inside vs. outside, small firm vs. (ex) Big Law, you name it!—that will inform our coverage. But we also want to hear from you: If there’s anything you’d like to see us cover, please let us know!

Thanks for reading, and away we go!