Link Roundup!

As far as this blog is concerned, the most significant media coverage of the Waco Division this week was Scott Graham’s Q&A with Mark and Joe for Texas Lawyer, regarding How the Western District of Texas Became a Patent Hot Spot (subscription required). But of course, the Waco Division received other attention, as well:

Finally, one more mini-update re: the Waco Division: Earlier today the Federal Circuit issued a short mandamus order in In re: ADTRAN, denying the petition. At issue was ADTRAN’s motion to stay proceedings (most notably Markman briefing) during the period in which the Court was considering ADTRAN’s motion to transfer. The Federal Circuit ruled that ADTRAN had not shown a clear and indisputable legal right to the stay it was seeking, given that “[a]s of … when ADTRAN filed its mandamus petition, the Markman hearing was scheduled several weeks after the venue briefing was to be completed, which plausibly allows time for the court to resolve the venue issues before the Markman hearing, or grant the stay motion and postpone the hearing.” But the Federal Circuit went on to note that “the district court’s failure to promptly act on the stay motion or its delay in ruling on the venue issues once fully briefed might tip the balance in favor of mandamus relief upon reapplication in the future.” 

And here’s a sampling of some of the more interesting non-Waco-related stories we saw this week:

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend (spring is finally definitively here in Texas), and we’ll see you next week.