Link Roundup!

It’s been quiet on the blog this week, but along with much of the rest of the patent bar, we’re eagerly awaiting Monday’s commencement of Judge Albright’s first-ever patent trial in MV3 Partners LLC v. Roku, Inc. (No. 6:18-cv-00308). You can look to us for coverage next week!

Otherwise, here’s some other (mostly) recent coverage regarding the MV3-Roku trial:

  • Back in June, this author covered the previous multiple postponements of the trial, while wondering “whether circumstances as of late August and early September will permit the MV3 v. Roku trial to proceed as [then] scheduled” for September 8. Spoiler: They did not, but the big day has finally (almost) arrived.
  • The WacoWatch blog walked through some of the underlying history of the litigation.
  • Law360 covered Judge Albright’s comments at an ABA-sponsored panel titled “Virtualization of IP Litigation: Tales from the Benches,” including the special precautions being taken to configure the courtroom and trial procedures given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic (subscription normally required, but the general public can read this piece given COVID-related content). Of note, this blog’s previous take on the trial procedures as set out during the case pretrial conference is here.
  • Managing IP briefly covers the trial in the context of Judge Albright’s 2018 appointment and the subsequent growth of the Waco Division’s docket.

Disclaimer: We share these links because we think they’re worth reading. Our doing so does not necessarily imply that we endorse any of the viewpoints expressed by the authors (except when we’re the authors).

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