NCS v. TCO Verdict & Updated Texas IP Trial Tracker

Friday afternoon 8/28 the jury in NCS Multistage v. TCO returned its verdict. For the second time (after January’s infringement verdict), NCS prevailed, with the jury finding that TCO had both induced infringement of and contributorily infringed the asserted ’445 patent with respect to all accused products. The jury also found that the ’445 patent was not invalid.

As to damages, the jury’s award was $1,928,400. For reasons known only to the jury, that figure is almost exactly 4/7 between the parties’ respective damages positions ($3.15M for plaintiff NCS, $300K for defendant TCO).

[This post was drafted with intent to post on the day that the verdict came down, but for reasons unclear that didn’t happen.]

* * *

The corresponding update to our Texas IP trial tracker follows below:

(See Excel Sheet)