VLSI-Intel III Verdict & Updated Texas IP Trial Tracker

Presumably this news has already reached most interested readers, but to put a bow on the blog’s trial coverage, the jury’s verdict in VLSI-Intel III broke the existing 1-1 tie in favor of plaintiff VLSI. Yesterday afternoon the jury came back with an infringement verdict on VLSI’s single asserted patent, with a corresponding damages award of a $947.8M “[r]unning royalty in the form of a lump sum for past damages only.” The jury also found both asserted claims not invalid.

This is the second large plaintiffs’ verdict awarded by an Austin jury in the last couple months, following the $174.5M verdict in Voxer  v. Meta Platforms in September.

Between the Veterans’ Day holiday last Friday, and the fact that voir dire occurred the morning of the first day of trial (and not the week prior, as in many other of Judge Albright’s trials), total trial proceedings ran about 4.5 days, with the jury charge, summations, and the verdict all occurring on Day #6.

Here’s the update to our Texas IP trial tracker (which also accounts for a couple recent EDTX trials, as well):

[See Excel spreadsheet for chart]