VLSI v. Intel – The Verdict is in!

Early yesterday afternoon the Waco jury of three women and four men returned a verdict in favor of VLSI to the tune of $2.175 billion. 

The jury rejected Intel’s arguments of noninfringement and awarded$1.5 billion for Intel’s infringement of VLSI’s ’373patent and $675 million for Intel’s infringement of VLSI’s ’759 patent (the latter based on infringement under the doctrine of equivalents). The jury also rejected Intel’s claim that the ’759 patent was invalid.

Intel did claim one partial victory – the jury found no willful infringement, despite VLSI’s plea during closing argument (available here) that Intel was “wilfully blind” to the asserted patents. 

No doubt Intel will appeal the jury’s verdict. What will be interesting is what appellate points Intel brings to the table. 

We plan on posting a summary post covering the various lessons we learned from observing the trial and several, what we believe to be, key takeaways. Coming soon…